Amritanjali, A Poems Book Released!

- Jagvir Goyal

Crushing and Screening Equip.

- Jagvir Goyal

Directional Drilling Machines

- Jagvir Goyal

Crushing and Screening Equipment

The world has caught speed. Fast construction is the new read more »

Directional Drilling Machines

A few years back, when the directional drilling machines were being  read more »

Audience Has Its Role To Play

The other day, when Vinod Kapila, my batch mate settled in San Diego read more »

Amritanjali, A Book of Poems

Amritanjali, a book of poems in Hindi by the Author, Jagvir Goyal, read more »

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Thehra Hua Pratibimb has 10 stories, straight from the heart of the Author and mostly based on true events have been compiled in the book. These will touch you. Every story holds a different shade [...]

Sun of A Dark Sky, Determined to maintain the honour, his values and to keep himself clean, Aarav valiantly fights the evil practices prevailing around him. He swims against the tide in the turbid waters [...]

Jagvir Goyal Second wave of corona virus pandemic has taken the country by storm. Death, destruction and despair are ruling the cities as new strains and initial vaccine hesitancy add surge to the wave. Migrant [...]

Honoured at District Level Independence Day Function in 2010 for Outstanding Services

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While buying bricks, to avoid problems at a later stage, check that the bricks are efflorescence free. To perform this check, break a few bricks and check the broken faces. There shouldn’t appear any lumps of free lime.

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