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Planning a House in Times of Pandemics

Jagvir Goyal Second wave of corona virus pandemic has taken the country by storm. Death, destruction and despair are ruling the cities as new strains and initial vaccine hesitancy add surge to the wave. Migrant labour is returning to their hometowns. Under such circumstances, a house builder faces new challenges while planning to start construction of his house. Here are some tips that may lessen his worries: Ensure house plan approval: Be prepared for delay in house plan approval but ensure it before start of construction work. Work from Home is the new norm and house plan approvals may take [...]


RCC Structure Constructions Through Slip-Forming

With the ever increasing pressure on construction engineers to devise ways and means to build sky-scrapers in shortest possible periods, Slip-form technique has acquired wider use in vertical construction. The main advantage of this technique being a significant cut in the construction time, it is more and more being used for construction of tall chimneys-both vertical and tapered, silos, bridges piers, shaft type buildings, water tanks and storage bins.


Engineering Crosswords

His foray into the literary world began back in 1988 by way of writing technical articles for a local publication. An engineer by profession and a writer at heart, Jagvir Goyal's three new books would hit the stores early next week. Among the ones to be released are two books on crosswords and one on short stories in hindi, "The hra Hua Pratibimb". And with that the number of books to his credit goes up to ten.


‘Love You Dad’ By Jagvir Goyal Released

"LOVE YOU DAD", a book written by Jagvir Goyal, an engineer of Lehra Mohabbat Thermal Plant, was released here today. The book is a compilation of 15 stories, most of which are true. This helps in developing reader's interest, says Goyal. An old man prepares himself for death; a renowned doctor saves a child et suffers from guilt; a son takes his old parents to pilgrimage and gets the biggest jolt; a devotee of Krishna loses heart to someone devoted to him, a son's wish to see his father sitting at a railway platform remains unfulfilled.