Judicious Choice of Floor Tiles

Jagvir Goyal Availability of extra money evokes aspirations. Having more money to spend at their hands, people look for newer, exceptional and costlier materials to add to their houses. Taking a cue from this trend, vitrified tile manufacturers are unveiling new sizes of floor tiles in the market every other day. Bigger the size of a tile, costlier it is on per square feet basis. However, there is no pause in their sale. As a range of sizes of floor tiles is now available, it is important to make a judicious choice of tiles instead of blindly going for bigger [...]


Get Floored

We have been getting queries about various types of flooring available and how to make the right choice. There was a time when there was no choice but to go in for terrazzo flooring, commonly known as chips floor. Today, however, different types of flooring options are available, and thus the question arises.