Opening my heart to Sikh Friends!

I am a proud Hindu, having full faith in my religion and its teachings. But frankly speaking, I can’t ever stop admiring one sect of human beings-The Sikh community!…

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The Chief Guest Behavior

Chief Guests at various functions, convocations, meets and seminars are often political leaders or celebrities or men of accomplishments…

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Myth Shattered

My father often talked about the phenomenal success of a film of his times. The title of the film was Achhut Kanya. It was perhaps the first movie of legend actor Ashok Kumar with an actress Devika Rani in the lead…

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Apna India Apna Hai

Dubai mesmerized me. Wherever I ran my gaze, sky scrapers stood in clusters, competing with one another in nudging and scraping the sky. They stood in all shapes and sizes, as if trying to strike different poses of a gymnast…

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Forced into a profession

The incident dates back to 1974. After scoring a good position in the university in pre-engineering examination, now called 10 + 2, I decided to join Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala as it was considered to be a prestigious institute…

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Count Your Blessings

That day, the morning newspapers had covered in detail the most extravagant wedding of the century. Rs. 300 crores had been spent on the marriage of daughter of a business tycoon. Invitation cards were 20 pages long, placed in boxes made of silver…

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Brain doesn’t retire

Thirty six years back, when I was in the engineering institute, I eulogized Dharmendra. To me, he not only had a perfect personality but an ideal character also. Not only mine, he ruled the hearts of millions…

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A Good Deed Pays Back

Gurgaon has become the job capital of North India. Most of the MNCs have their corporate offices located in Gurgaon. Fresh MBAs prefer to join the corporate offices of companies instead of branch offices as the corporate office culture adds to their vision…

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Leader – Then and Now

The train from Delhi to Mumbai was about to leave. Sardar Jagtar Singh Gill occupied his seat in the first class coach and started reading the newspaper that he had bought at the railway station. He was Master Warrant Officer in the Indian Air Force….

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