Pervious Concrete For Walkways

Jagvir Goyal Resistance to moisture and refusal to seepage of water are known properties of concrete used by us in our houses and structural components. We want concrete to be impregnable to any sort of moisture and keep a low water cement ratio to impart maximum strength and least porosity to concrete. However, the manufacturers engaged in the production and marketing of cement and concrete have now come out with the concept of ‘pervious concrete’ that has its own uses. Let’s have a look: What is pervious concrete? Contrary to the properties of normally produced concrete used in building foundations, [...]


New Avtaars of Concrete

Jagvir Goyal Today, we can’t think of building a structure without using concrete. It has become the most commonly used man made building material. First of all, simple plain concrete was invented. It was followed by reinforced cement concrete (RCC). And then were invented many grades of concrete with varying strengths. Then we invented pre-stressed concrete, self-compacting concrete and many more types of it. Yet the innovators haven’t stopped experimenting with it. Now, many more avtaars of concrete are appearing in the market. Here, have a look: Bucket concrete: Concrete has mostly been produced at the sites of construction themselves [...]