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Developing – A Swimming Pool

Jagvir Goyal There were times when a swimming pool used to exist either in a five star hotel or in the sports training institutes. Times have changed and now, swimming pools are developed in all the clubs of standard, society complexes, farm resorts, big bungalows and even on terraces. These add to the style and status of the owner. However, simple construction of a swimming pool in a complex or house doesn’t close the chapter. Rather a full job of its maintenance lands in the hands of the owner and he has to draw a clear cut program for its [...]


Bathroom Accessories

Jagvir Goyal No bathroom is considered complete for its best use unless it is fitted with bathroom accessories. A Shower, a Wash basin and a Water closet are essential features of every bathroom. But in addition, a bathroom needs certain accessories to make it perfect for relaxing, rejuvenating, revitalization and refreshing. These accessories help in making available essential toiletries, towels and other items to the user. Let’s enlist some of the bathroom accessories; 1. Soap Dishes 2. Towel Rails 3. Shelves 4. Toilet paper holder 5. Soap dispenser 6. Tooth brush/paste holder 7. Coat hooks 8. Towel rack 9. Magnifying [...]


Lighting Up Your House

Jagvir Goyal Lighting a residential unit doesn’t mean just installation of fittings and fixtures. Today, it has become a specialization field that demands a lot of innovation. Whereas lights provided in a house should serve the primary function of allowing doing all tasks with ease, these should also create an environment of celebration in the house. Achieving energy efficiency and artistic effects are additional requirements. Here are a few guidelines: General Planning: Let the lighting pattern of your house provide 'effective illumination' instead of 'simple illumination'. Planned lighting will add to the beauty and utility of your house. Lighting is [...]


Planning a House in Times of Pandemics

Jagvir Goyal Second wave of corona virus pandemic has taken the country by storm. Death, destruction and despair are ruling the cities as new strains and initial vaccine hesitancy add surge to the wave. Migrant labour is returning to their hometowns. Under such circumstances, a house builder faces new challenges while planning to start construction of his house. Here are some tips that may lessen his worries: Ensure house plan approval: Be prepared for delay in house plan approval but ensure it before start of construction work. Work from Home is the new norm and house plan approvals may take [...]


Use Equipment For Easier Building Work

Er. Jagvir Goyal* Construction equipment sector has undergone an eye-opening transformation at international level. In India however, the construction industry still remains labor-intensive. While the specialized structure segment is now fast adopting equipment technology, building construction work still remains alien to available equipment. It is time for a change, if we really want to build faster and better. Whenever a building is to be constructed, the mason has the last word. Same tools—the spade and the basket, the trowel and the pan, the chisel and the hammer remain in use. Only the concreting work has seen the change from hand [...]


How To Usher Quality In Works?

Er. Jagvir Goyal The key to create something beautiful and to build a decent reputation for an organization lies in having a complete quality control in construction, not by merely appointing QC inspectors but by removing the basic flaws in the system of tendering, supervision and management of men, machines and materials. Let us analyze the prevailing scenario. Often, Quality Control in construction works looks to be a complex problem to the engineers requiring them to adopt a very systematic, step-by-step approach. The reason behind this situation is the gaping gap between the theory and on-the-ground reality which has become [...]


Safeguard Your Reputation

Er. Jagvir Goyal* Reputations take years to build but a moment to destroy. A great and consistent effort is required to build one’s reputation. And an equal and steady attempt has to be made to maintain it. Ask the importance of building one’s reputation from a reputed apartment builder. No one else can better tell the benefits and dividends it brings. Impatience is an enemy of reputation. Keenness to become super rich overnight often proves suicidal. It is just like killing the hen laying a golden egg everyday. A builder has to lay certain principles for himself and stick to [...]


Time To Look Up At The Sky!

Er. Jagvir Goyal*  ‘No Alternative to vertical expansion’, a paper written by the author in 2004 was selected for the international conference held in Queen Elizabeth hall, London and presided over by Prince Charles. In the following article, the author shares his thoughts over the necessity of shifting the direction of ‘expansion arrow’ from horizontal to vertical. The living standard is on the rise and so are the aspirations. Population is increasing asymptotically and ‘Shelter for all’ remains a dream—far from a workable policy. With the settlement area remaining constant, there is no alternative except to shift out gaze from [...]


Eliminate The Term ‘Super Area’

Er. Jagvir Goyal* North Indians, known for their extravagant living, have always found it hard to escape the ‘palatial bungalow’ and ‘kothi’ culture. Till date, flats and apartments have mostly been greeted with a big ‘no no’ and apartment living has been looked upon as ‘B class’. But now, a sharp rise in prices of property and the benefits associated with apartment living are changing the mindset of people and a tilt towards flats and apartments is clearly visible. As the real estate builders and apartment sellers en-cash this new line of thought, there is a need to dwell upon [...]


Real Temples of Worship

Large development projects of any kind, may be a refinery, a power project, a highway or railway project, whenever are being set up, carry a different kind of atmosphere that can be more felt than described to have a true feel of it. There is an electrical charge in the air, rush to sites and back to home when the shifts are over, animated discussions, review meetings, brain-storming sessions to solve the problems encountered every day during their setting-up. Designers, Site engineers, workers, all are involved alike in the activities irrespective of their ranks and ‘Nishchaykarapnijeetkaron’ is the force behind. [...]