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Jagvir Goyal – A Brief Introduction

Usually, not many engineers have an aptitude for writing but Jagvir Goyal, a civil engineer by profession and an alumnus of Thapar University, Patiala in Punjab has done tremendous writing work in his field apart from handling prestigious construction projects during his professional career of 41 years. Not only he has written voluminous books on specialized structures, but he has also been a regular columnist for many reputed journals and newspapers since years together. His columns are immensely popular with readers who eagerly wait for his informative and advice-giving articles. Presently, his column ‘Ground Realty’ published in The Tribune, an immensely read newspaper of North India, is in its 14th year of publication. Earlier, his column, ‘Racy Building Strategies’ published in Hindustan Times had surpassed all limits of popularity that a technical column can attain. ‘Simple Common language for these columns is my forte,’ says Jagvir Goyal. His columns have regularly appeared in reputed magazines like ‘Construction World’, ‘Equipment India’, ‘Power Today’, ‘New Building Materials & Construction World’, ‘construction Journal of India’, ‘EPC & I’ and many others. He restricted himself to fewer publications as he rose in the ranks and his professional job became more demanding but his love for writing continued forever.

Working untiringly in his field for over 40 years, Jagvir Goyal got constructed many structures and retired at the top level of Engineer-in-Chief in his profession. He received appreciations and awards from his organization during his service span, was honoured on Independence Day and was conferred ‘Distinguished Alumni Award’ by his Alma-mater.

Besides his professional works, he has written fiction and poetry, both in English and Hindi and has authored many books in both the languages. In sync with the present trend of reading books and articles shorter in length, herecently experimented to present 10-Minute books which are published and available to read.

‘Mails and messages received from readers who appreciate my contributions are the real reward for this selfless service I have been rendering since decades together,’ says Jagvir Goyal. ‘These are my efforts to ease the problems that people often face or to timely caution them against the occurrence of any problem as prevention is always better than cure’, he adds.