Make Your Adobe Accident Free

Take the following safety measures to ensure that no untoward incident happens with in the house. In the Covid times, your house is the place where you are most likely to feel secure and safe. The increased time at home has led to more movement within the house,especially in the kitchen and bathroom. it is, thus, vital to ensure an accident-free living within the house.


Before Saying Goodbye To Working Gangs

Construction of a house is a long process, spanning over 18 to 30 months and there are times when the house builder feels fed up with the everyday material requirements by the workers, procurement of items, site visits, meetings with the Architect and many other activities. During such moments, his sincere wish is to see off all the workers, take a break from the tedious routine and rest a while. The desire grows stronger when the house is nearing completion but working gangs, especially carpenters and painters continue with their work endlessly. It’s important to overcome such moments and review [...]


Building a house

Careful planning, safe structural design, use of tested materials, good workmanship in construction, economy and safety are essential features of any kind of construction work. Any of these features, if ignored, costs heavily. Being vigilant pays dividends--it helps you avert potential loss of and money. Let's have a look at some guidelines that will help you in avoiding their occurrence.


A house fit for the elderly

Lifestyle has undergone a significant change in India. The nuclear family system has increased the number of elderly couples staying on their own, with little assistance from their children in their day-to-day chores and house-related work. This new set-up, thus, demands planning your house in a manner that ensures maximum convenience in old age. Here are some features apart from having wheel-chair friendly entrances and provision for lifts etc, that can make living convenient for the elderly.