Structural Steel Work Equipment

Though RCC and pre-stressed concrete have become the unanimous rulers of construction world, steel structures keep finding their requirement and importance now and then. Many where, we find steel structures as the best option to choose. In many cases, the framework is chosen to be of structural steel while the filler and finishing items such as floors and walls are in masonry and concrete. That’s why structural steel work equipment is very much in demand along with good fabricators, welders and erection gangs. Steel structures: Thermal power projects make extensive use of steel structures. So does railways. All the turbine, [...]


Minimum Size of Columns

Jagvir Goyal Collapse of a four storeyed building in Solan District few days back causing death of 14 persons including 13 army men sent shockwaves across the region. In the present times, when the structural engineering and concrete technology are at most advanced stage, such a collapse of building speaks of poor and ill-designed construction still going on without check with sole aim of earning money and playing with the life of the users. As per news reports, a preliminary cause of collapse of building has been assessed as inadequate size of its columns. Let’s have a look at some [...]


Resting RCC Slab on Common Wall

Jagvir Goyal In planned residential areas, the houses built on small size plots are supposed to have common walls. The building bye laws carry such provision. Mostly, plots having up to 300 square yard plot area are governed by such laws. Certain precautions need to be taken while resting intermediate floor slabs and roof slabs on these common walls. Here, let’s have a look at them: The Concept: Before going into details, it is important to understand the concept of common wall. A common wall is built in such a manner that the centre line of common wall matches with [...]


Building An Economical, Durable House

Whenever a person plans construction of his dream house, he has aims to build a beautiful and unique house that would serve his requirements, but all this at minimum possible cost. Another important aspect is constructing a durable house, which would require minimum maintenance and post construction problems. The task can be little challenging, yet the proper planning can go a long way.


Building an economical and durable house (part 2)

In the last article, we had focused on aspects related to reinforcement steel, concrete, material consumption, structural design and choice of plot to achieve economy an durability. In this episode, we shall consider some more ways that can help in attaining economy during construction without compromising on strength, durability and beauty of the house: Choose wood laminates: Many brands of decorative laminates are today available in the market to touch the aesthetic sense of the customer who rather finds himself lost in the highly attractive, smooth and shiny world of laminates. Commonly known by the first brand names of Formica [...]