Amritanjali, A Book of Poems Released!

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Amritanjali, A Book of Poems Released!


Amritanjali, a book of poems in Hindi by the Author, Jagvir Goyal, has been released and is available on Amazon at the below noted link. Sharing his happiness over the publication of the book, the author said, ‘Books are forever. Men come and go. Generations come and go but the books always remain alive on this Earth. Our ancient holy books, texts and treatises are a testimony to that’.

When asked, ‘What are your expectations from the book?’ The Author replied, ‘Expectations are already fulfilled. There is no parallel to the immense happiness that you feel within yourself when the first copy of your book arrives in your hands. Nothing more is required. Rest all is secondary’.

50 poems, straight from the heart of the Author, have been compiled in the book. Some of them touch you. Some of the poems candidly express the feelings that arise in us on the departure of a dear one. The publishers, Ayan Prakashan, Delhi have done a tremendous job in bringing out the book so beautifully.

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