Technical Features

/Technical Features

Use Equipment For Easier Building Work

Er. Jagvir Goyal* Construction equipment sector has undergone an eye-opening transformation at international level. In India however, the construction industry still remains labor-intensive. While the specialized structure segment is now fast adopting equipment technology, building construction work still remains alien to available equipment. It is time for a change, if we really want to build faster and better. Whenever a building is to be constructed, the mason has the last word. Same tools—the spade and the basket, the trowel and the pan, the chisel and the hammer remain in use. Only the concreting work has seen the change from hand [...]


How To Usher Quality In Works?

Er. Jagvir Goyal The key to create something beautiful and to build a decent reputation for an organization lies in having a complete quality control in construction, not by merely appointing QC inspectors but by removing the basic flaws in the system of tendering, supervision and management of men, machines and materials. Let us analyze the prevailing scenario. Often, Quality Control in construction works looks to be a complex problem to the engineers requiring them to adopt a very systematic, step-by-step approach. The reason behind this situation is the gaping gap between the theory and on-the-ground reality which has become [...]


Safeguard Your Reputation

Er. Jagvir Goyal* Reputations take years to build but a moment to destroy. A great and consistent effort is required to build one’s reputation. And an equal and steady attempt has to be made to maintain it. Ask the importance of building one’s reputation from a reputed apartment builder. No one else can better tell the benefits and dividends it brings. Impatience is an enemy of reputation. Keenness to become super rich overnight often proves suicidal. It is just like killing the hen laying a golden egg everyday. A builder has to lay certain principles for himself and stick to [...]


Time To Look Up At The Sky!

Er. Jagvir Goyal*  ‘No Alternative to vertical expansion’, a paper written by the author in 2004 was selected for the international conference held in Queen Elizabeth hall, London and presided over by Prince Charles. In the following article, the author shares his thoughts over the necessity of shifting the direction of ‘expansion arrow’ from horizontal to vertical. The living standard is on the rise and so are the aspirations. Population is increasing asymptotically and ‘Shelter for all’ remains a dream—far from a workable policy. With the settlement area remaining constant, there is no alternative except to shift out gaze from [...]


Eliminate The Term ‘Super Area’

Er. Jagvir Goyal* North Indians, known for their extravagant living, have always found it hard to escape the ‘palatial bungalow’ and ‘kothi’ culture. Till date, flats and apartments have mostly been greeted with a big ‘no no’ and apartment living has been looked upon as ‘B class’. But now, a sharp rise in prices of property and the benefits associated with apartment living are changing the mindset of people and a tilt towards flats and apartments is clearly visible. As the real estate builders and apartment sellers en-cash this new line of thought, there is a need to dwell upon [...]


Veins and Arteries of a Building

Jagvir Goyal A house works like a human body.It has a strong structural frame like the human skeleton, attractive finish like our skin and a network of pipes and conduits like the veins and arteries in the human body. These ‘veins and arteries’ of the house must work efficiently for the house to spring to life and remain ‘healthy’. Let’s have a look at these pipes and conduits: Water Supply pipelines: Existence of a faultless water supply system is the most important requirement of a house. For it, the source of water supply must be reliable for providing sufficient quantity [...]


Science Crosswords

Jagvir Goyal's Science Crosswords that hit the stands on Sunday has been produced by compiling 50 crosswords. These involve hundreds of scientific terms and abbreviations that are of common use among Science students and professionals. Jagvir Goyal has written more than 50 technical papers and two book on advanced subjects in Civil engineering.