Front Elevation Of Your House

//Front Elevation Of Your House

Front Elevation Of Your House


Jagvir Goyal

The way the face is considered the index of the mind, the front elevation is considered as the most striking feature of the house. While passing a building, often, we stop short and get impressed by its sheer majesty, notable features or exceptional uniqueness. ‘Stunning! Beautiful! Excellent!’ such words leave our lips and there lies the success of the architect in creating a beautiful façade.

Every house builder wants to have a most beautiful elevation for his house. His ears ache to hear a ‘wow!’ from a first time visitor. He wants the passers by to be awe-struck by the beauty, majesty and individuality of his house. So let’s have a look at some aspects that help in creating a beautiful front elevation of a house:

The features: Once the house plans are finalized, the doors and windows, their projections, the porch, the railings, the wall surface area available, the balconies, the terrace and the verandah become essential features of front elevation. Their sizes, materials, edges, angles and appearances are to be planned to lend best effects to front elevation. Additional features such as huts, canopies, columns, chimneys, slopes, slots, slits and pergolas are now added to make the elevation look unique and attractive.

Obey bylaws: While designing the front elevation of the house, the existing building bylaws should not be flouted in any manner. No projection should exceed the permitted limit. The minimum open space to be left at the front shouldn’t be decreased even by an inch. There is no use of having an attractive front elevation at the loss of your peace of mind.

Color Scheme: Don’t choose too many colors for the front elevation. The color scheme should be designed to accommodate just two or three colors. Let the major percentage of coverage be in light color. Off white or white color are the most preferred ones for the plastered portions. Among the dark colors for the balance parts, chocolate and terracotta red color look stunningly beautiful.

Tile provision: Tile cladding is considered an essential part of the front elevation. Certain portions of the elevation should be planned for tile cladding and left with rough finish during the construction of the house. The house owner has ample time at his hands to choose suitable tiles for cladding purpose. However the survey for tile selection should be completed by the time the flooring is laid. Many times, the suppliers or manufacturers take time in supplying the requisite quantity of selected tiles of required size and color.

Adding Curves: Angular geometrical features are being preferred for front elevation by the house owners since a long time. Circular portions or curves have been absent. Adopting something not in trend or vogue needs lots of courage as the house owner is fearful that the elevation of his house shouldn’t look odd. It is difficult to dismantle something built and rebuild it with a changed profile. The trend is changing now and the curves are fast coming back into fashion.

Finish for curves: Circular features or curves when provided in front elevation look beautiful only if right finish is selected for them. Provision of sleek tiles on the curved portion is the best option. However, it needs extraordinary workmanship and right size of the tiles to bring out the best effect. The length of the tile should be such that doesn’t convert the curve into a polygonal feature. Certain manufacturers are producing header tiles these days. These tile are only 4.5 inch long. These suit a curved feature well if the radius of the curve has been decided by keeping the tile length in view.

Get 3D elevation: Often, the house owner is unable to visualize the front elevation of his house from the two dimensional figure shown by the architect in the drawings. He is unable to say yes for an elevation suggested by the architect. Everybody has his own choice. That’s why while suggesting an elevation, an architect intently looks for the house owner’s reaction to understand his choice and requirement. A house owner should ask the Architect to get prepared a 3D elevation drawing of his house. These days, software is available to prepare 3D elevations. These drawings, looking like snaps give a fairly good idea of the front elevation. For best decision, an architect may get prepared two or three elevation alternatives. 3D elevation experts normally charge Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 for preparing a 3D elevation picture.

Bay Windows: Having bay windows of large size to the front rooms adds additional beauty to the front elevation. The elevation has an enhanced look if such windows are added at first floor level. Provision of bay windows has to be planned at the initial stage itself as the lintel and slab over the window has to be planned along with the sun shade over them. Provision of concealed lights in the outer projection and inner slab of bay window lend dramatic effect to the front elevation at night.

Corner plot luxury: A corner plot opens up many avenues for the architect to make the front elevation attractive. Certain features can be added to the left and right front edges of the house, extending to the front and the sides. The front railing when continued along the side too (if bylaws permit) adds a palatial look to the house. Corner plot houses when viewed obliquely present majestic structures with endless attractions added here and there along the length and height of walls.

Front Railings: The railings provided to the front balconies and terrace have their effect on the front elevation. These days, these railings have a combination of mild steel, toughened glass, stainless steel and wood. While the basic structure is in mild steel and stainless steel sections, wood and glass are added to it later on at the time of finishing of house project. For provision of toughened glass, studs or D clamps are welded to the basic section at the time of its fabrication itself. MS or SS framework railings look very attractive when optimum glass and wood coverage is added to them. Provision of glass for the full height and length of railing is avoided as it doesn’t give a secure feeling to the house owner. Nor it looks attractive. If mild steel framework is provided and finished with deco silver paint, it looks more attractive than SS framework. It proves economical too.

Stone railing: Jodhpur stone jail railing of pink color is preferred by certain house builders for front railing. It looks extremely beautiful. Exquisite designs too are available in it. However, if used, it begins to govern the color scheme of the front elevation which has to be decided by matching it with the pinkish or peach color of stone railing. This railing is expensive too. Then there is problem of dust accumulation in it. A house builder opting for stone jail railing should keep all these points in view. In case mild steel or stainless steel railing with glass is used, one may add ornamental plant pots along the glass to add more attractiveness to front elevation.

No front spiral: In small sized plots with common walls on both sides, a house owner often finds it necessary to have an independent approach to the first floor from the front side but is unable to provide the same. Such an approach is wanted to accommodate tenants at first floor or for the servant room located at the terrace level. These days, middle aged or old couples often find themselves alone in their double or triple storey houses as their children leave the hometown for jobs in other cities. They are therefore tempted to have tenants who can be accommodated only if there is an independent approach to first floor. Often, a spiral stair provided in the front is found as a solution. Provision of a spiral stair in the front completely spoils the beauty of front elevation and should never be provided. One should think of this problem at the initial stages itself and a side way to the back should be planned. In this case, spiral or normal stairs can be provided at the back, as the space permits.