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Audience Has Its Role To Play

Jagvir Goyal The other day, when Vinod Kapila, my batch mate settled in San Diego sent his comments on reading my recently released novel, ‘Sun of a dark sky’, I was overwhelmed. Normally, your college batch mates chide you for anything good or bad done by you and you can hardly get a word of praise out of them. But what Vinod had written about the book pleased me to the core of my heart and I felt like picking up my pen to begin with my next project. Though an author always writes a book first for his own [...]


Real Temples of Worship

Large development projects of any kind, may be a refinery, a power project, a highway or railway project, whenever are being set up, carry a different kind of atmosphere that can be more felt than described to have a true feel of it. There is an electrical charge in the air, rush to sites and back to home when the shifts are over, animated discussions, review meetings, brain-storming sessions to solve the problems encountered every day during their setting-up. Designers, Site engineers, workers, all are involved alike in the activities irrespective of their ranks and ‘Nishchaykarapnijeetkaron’ is the force behind. [...]