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Asian Paints

Though there are many producers of paints in India, the Major paint producers are Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Nerolac Paints and now, Indigo Paints. It is learnt that Jindal group is also entering the paint market segment by launching JSW paints. There are few others also. Asian Paints are one stop company for a house builder where he can find plastic emulsions of his choice for the interiors of the house and all weather resistant paints for exterior surfaces of the house. In addition, all kind of wood polishes are also available with Asian paints including melamine and PU polishes. Any shade, colour or finish can be chosen by the house builder and he can even get prepared shades of his choice while visiting an Asian Paints showroom. Silk smooth finishes looking royal and elegant can be achieved by getting applying these paints from expert painters who are well familiar with the use of paint brushes, rollers and sprayers.

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Surie Polex Marble and Granite Cleaner and Tap and Tile Scale Remover

Surie Polex Marble and Granite Cleaner and Tap and Tile Scale Remover are two wonderful products marketed by this company. Their main advantages are that these are easy to use, reasonably priced and above all, very effective. Surie Polex is marketing hundreds of
building construction products that are required on almost every construction sites. Often salts get deposited on marble and granite when water is standing on them for a long time. Surie Polex Marble and Granite cleaner effectively removes these salt stains. Make the affected area wet, apply Marble cand Granite cleaner and gently rub with a Scotchbrite piece. All the salts will come off and the floor surface will start shining like the original finish. Same way, Tap and Tile cleaner can be used to remove salt deposits from the CP Fittings and Ceramic tiles. Keep the two products handy for use whenever required.

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Cement Manufacturers Ultratech have come out with a new concrete product called as ‘Ultratech Duraplus’ which is aimed at providing some desirable features of concrete. Ultratech Duraplus is a special type of concrete produced by Ultratech cement manufacturers. It is easy to place in position because of its semi self-compacting property and resists seepage and cracks more effectively than normally produced concrete. To enhance its seepage resistant and crack resistant properties, PCE based admixtures are pre-mixed to this concrete. Blend of these admixtures should help in enhancing durability of concrete while its easy flow should help in achieving better finish and fast execution of concrete structures. Water permeability of such concrete should be less than 15 mmwhen checked. Right usage of this concrete shall be in beams, columns, slabs and foundations

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Readymade Steel Bars

In order to ease the complicated practice of requisitioning of steel bars, bending them to shape and as stirrups, keeping an eye on the bar binder gang that they cause minimum wastage of steel by making judicious cutting of steel lengths, steel manufacturers in India have now come up with innovative idea of providing steel bars cut and bent to required shapes. The bar binder gang just lays the shaped bars in position and ties them up.

Once the drawings showing steel reinforcement details are ready, these drawings can be directly handed over to the steel manufacturers. The steel manufacturer prepares a bar bending schedule from these drawings and then provides requisite number of cut & bent bars of each diameter, each shape and each length to the customer. Thus customised steel bar orders are fulfilled by the steel manufacturers. If the buyer has got prepared the bar bending schedule from his designer then the steel manufacturer doesn’t need the drawings but prepares and supplies steel bars as per given bar bending schedule.

Biggest advantage of buying readymade steel bars of required shape and diameter is that all the wastage in steel that happens at site is avoided. There is no need to establish a bar cutting and bending station.

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Nitobond EP

Nitobond EP is an epoxy resin product produced by the famous constructive solutions company #Fosroc ( It is an excellent product used to join the old #concrete with new concrete. It is supplied in two parts as Base Resin and Hardener which are ready components for on-site mixing and application. It can be applied by using a brush. It has high mechanical strength and can be used both on dry as well as damp surfaces. It has high bond strength, reckoned to be more than tensile strength of concrete. It is supplied in different grades for standard setting and slow setting. The product is reliable for use in infrastructure projects where good quality of work is expected. It can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces and is suitable for internal as well as external applications. It is recommended to follow the surface preparation and mixing instructions prescribed by its manufacturers for best results from Nitobond EP. #Nitobond EP is easily available with leading suppliers and retailers of waterproofing and chemical products. It can also be procured online from popular websites like

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